Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beach Boy Baby Snatcher

I must've missed the very special Hallmark Hall of Fame adaptation of this gripping YA novel, starring Brian Wilson (hey, he had bills to pay) and the irrepressibly zany Mayim Bialik as two crazy canoe instructors leading double lives as baby snatchers! Yup, must've missed that one. Check out the load in that little guy's pants! No, I meant Brian's. Yes, children, back in the early 80's grown men paraded around in  short-shorts without any hint of embarrassment.  
I think I will be sick now. 


Laura R said...

You need to have a warning label on this blog: "some hyperlinks will lead to images that may be offensive to readers, or just be gross in general". OY!

Robot Nine said...

Hey, I was a grown man in the 80's, what do you mean by that? A canoe is a great place for an infant no doubt.

Robot Nine said...

Yikes, Laura is right about the links, that hairy ass is scary!