Thursday, April 30, 2009

Misty vanilla-colored memories...

Ah, the good times. What's there to say as I sit here perfecting my Playgirl pose? My younger sibs are eager to reminisce about growing up in this hick town, but I ignore them by contemplating a piece of straw and chuckling to myself. Hmmph. What good times? 
That's all I've got, kiddos. Take my advice - get out of here and see the rest of the world.

Wanna know what this book is really about? Teen suicide. Yep, the kid in the docksiders hangs himself! I love YA fiction, don't you?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anyone got a map?

How far would I have gotten? Hmm, pretty far from the looks of it, since me and my Ford have driven into an alternate (and freshly paved) universe where the sunsets are psychedelic and the ice cream is radioactive. I have a hunch there's a very large cowboy who's gonna be looking for his hat soon, and being that I'm not really a country girl - rock and roll's more my scene - I'll be going home now. I just have to figure out how. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Come with the sea

I reckon that the Beckoner, with his outstretched ectoplasmic hands, is beckoning you to dive into his story. With his windswept hair and scruffy good looks he's a dreamy dude, yes? Except for that part about being a ghost. A lonely ghost. He'll do everything to convince you to stay with him, to become him. So just lalala away his earnest entreaties, and satisfy your romantic seaside cravings by 
                                                      listening to this instead.

Monday, April 13, 2009

YO! yo?

For spring break I wanted to do something really wild, ya know, shoot for the moon! Maybe backpack through Italy, see the Coliseum, or backpack in front of a poster of the Coliseum. Whatevs. Only hitch is that my 'rents wouldn't let me go solo. No probs, right? All I had to do was tack up a classified on the dorm bulletin board seeking a SWF to tag along with me. This girl Hedy responded at once - coolio, right? Wrong-o. I liked her enough at first but then she started dressing like me and getting the same kicky haircut as me (and she's also aged about 20 years) and well, now that we've reached the Coliseum (ok, it's a poster, so what!) I'm starting to get a bit creeped out. Good thing I packed my trusty Duncan - my mad yoyo defense skillz may come in handy.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dinos Gone Wild!

Oh lawdy lawd, it's finally come, that bright light at the end of this wintry tunnel.... Spring Break, wooohoooo!! I'll be going wild up in the Land that Time Forgot, aka the beautiful Catskills. No technology, no traffic, no happy! Have a wonderful Easter, and remember children, bunnies are not toys. They are living creatures that need to be treated with respect...or else. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Over the Edge

Young Louise had it all. Healthy shiny hair, bitchin' wheels & fun-loving friends. She was young and wild and living close to the edge. Little did she know that her freewheelin' 80s lifestyle would crash and the 90s would find her slinging hash in a pitiful diner. She yearned for the excitement of her youth, the wind in her hair, the open road! So she kissed her dull life goodbye, picked up her BFF and went on an adventure that brought her not close to the edge, but damn well over it!*

*I really hated the end of this movie. Harvey would have helped them. I know he would!