Thursday, April 30, 2009

Misty vanilla-colored memories...

Ah, the good times. What's there to say as I sit here perfecting my Playgirl pose? My younger sibs are eager to reminisce about growing up in this hick town, but I ignore them by contemplating a piece of straw and chuckling to myself. Hmmph. What good times? 
That's all I've got, kiddos. Take my advice - get out of here and see the rest of the world.

Wanna know what this book is really about? Teen suicide. Yep, the kid in the docksiders hangs himself! I love YA fiction, don't you?


Steve said...

well if i lived in gingerbread houses like those in the background who knows what I would do at that age.
I like the fact the young lady is very clearly telling them (with her knees together) "Hey willing to sit here and listen to ya but i have a purity ball to go to tonight so no ideas!"
Or maybe thats just my warped mind
Who knows!

Laura R said...

no wonder my parties are failures--it's 'cuz I forgot to buy the EXTRA LARGE HALF GALLON SIZE of the vanilla ice cream! Why didn't you tell me?

today's captcha: crizable
definition: something that makes you crazy in the south ("the way that woman makes chicken fried steak is just plum crizable!")