Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anyone got a map?

How far would I have gotten? Hmm, pretty far from the looks of it, since me and my Ford have driven into an alternate (and freshly paved) universe where the sunsets are psychedelic and the ice cream is radioactive. I have a hunch there's a very large cowboy who's gonna be looking for his hat soon, and being that I'm not really a country girl - rock and roll's more my scene - I'll be going home now. I just have to figure out how. 


john said...

I'm still in luv wit Marie!

Steve said...

betwqeen the giant hat and the u tube clip i'm kind of speechless!

beth said...

Johnny - who could resist those wholesome Mormon moves!

Steve - I know. The awesomeness of the Osmonds has been known to induce a rare form of vocal cord paralysis.

Does anyone remember the show Family with Kristy McNichol slobbering over Tiger Beat pinups of Donny Osmond (not even cool back then) and those hideous purple knee socks she wore to be a fangirl?

beth said...

BUBBAshelby! Hi!