Thursday, October 16, 2008

Line Dancing is Cool

Hoooo-boy! Git ready for some toe-tapping twang from Anne-Marie's latest album. I love her cowgirl fashion but what's with the font on her life-sized poster? That's the kind of lettering you would see in the Shire. The diner-style title font is also incongruous with the country western theme. Fonts aside, I am very much digging the denim stylings of the boy with the exquisitely tweezed brows and cuffed Wranglers. You just know he's prepared for anything. I'm assuming his friend Red, there, is a transplant from the city. That would explain the corporate product placement. Doesn't he know real men wear boots?


Laura R said...

He's thinking, "I've got the boots, the voice, the shiny black all I need is the cast of 'The L Word' to do a fund raiser for my surgery, and..."

beth said...