Thursday, October 9, 2008

Have you built your fallout shelter yet?

No ifs about it, winter will come - nuclear winter, that is. Let me explain. At first I thought this was the story of a moon launch or some such benign event, but it's about two teens and the rest of the planet facing possible NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION! Good times! An example of the cheery prose found within:

"A longing thudded against her (I'll say - probably from Screech there in his most dramatic role ever). She lifted her face up to the bathing warmth of the sun. Tomorrow it might be gone, shut out by a cloud of lethal fallout, death-bearing ash."

That's right half-pint, enjoy the sunshine now, for you'll forever be trapped in time on a book cover featuring those YA staples: romance, death and the mighty phallic symbol. Sheesh, they're everywhere, aren't they?! 

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