Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fire the Art Director

I'd like to know who the creative genius was behind this gem. There are so many things wrong here. The font looks like those iron-on letters we all bought to make cool custom t-shirts, so I can't really diss that choice - it's all very keeping with the time. The leaning Tower of Eiffel is another matter entirely. I understand that the use of a striking phallic symbol may get the hormonally charged youngsters to choose this book over others, but yeck, what's with the neon-outlined figures in the foreground? They are seriously creeping me out, especially the dude with the deformed paddle hand standing behind Toulouse-Lautrec. According to the blurb, a kid named Jack "makes peculiar friends and sees the Eiffel Tower under unusual circumstances." Most likely involving hallucinogens.

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