Thursday, August 21, 2008

Composition 101

The Bennington Stitch is that stabbing pain you get in your side when posing for the artist of a YA book cover. Who hires these people? Who sees the preliminary sketches and says, "Yeah, go for it!" Pony girl is completely shutting us out with her pose, the woman to the right is exhibiting body language that says she's had enough of this crap, goddammit, and the guy appears to have stumbled into the picture by chance, only to have the artist say, "Dude, ever think about modeling?" To fully complete this fine example of what every YA illustration needs, the artist has graced us with a rather exaggerated rendering of college architecture.


Laura R said...

The one to the far right is a WOMAN? It's not the girl's best friend who's her personal GAP shopper and lifelong Elton John fan? Oy, my eyes must be going!

Laura R said...

PS I hope other readers (and I know you're out there) actually take the time to click the random links embedded in the blog posts, because for me that's the best part! Almost, anyway!