Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Don't Want to Know!

Really, I don't. Because I have a dirty mind and I'm gonna automatically think that the family secret is brother/sister incest!!  Look at the picture - they're related, right? They both have that look like they're one chromosome short of Down's. And what's with his hands - does he have twelve fingers? Is it the entire family's secret? And why are they clutching each other in a void? Where the hell are they supposed to be - in front of a photo screen at the local JCPenney Portrait studio?


Laura R said...

How do they expect a kid's parents to react when they come home with a book like this? Had I left this book on the kitchen table, I guarantee my mom would have HIT me with it.

beth said...

I would have found this book in my mother's night table along with a few other things, batteries required.