Monday, June 8, 2009

Look Behind You!

Ah, the birds of summer...the chicks of YA novels. Big sis gazes with wonky eyes at vistas most pleasing, while she gently rests her protective hands on the sun-kissed shoulders of her darling sister. And how adorable is little sis? A veritable clone of Buffy herself (no, not that Buffy - this one!)  But don't let this idyllic scene fool you. The sinister trees do stir, bwahahahaha!


Steve said...

looks like there are some ill winds blowin through those trees!

Lidian said...

They look like they need a little caffeine or something!

What a great blog :)

beth said...

Steve - I just had to feature the trailer from Evil Dead in there somehow!

Lidian - Don't we all! I love your blog - so glad I found it :)

Alan said...

Evil Dead, you???? Who woulda thunk it?