Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crank Dat!

Jan Michael Vincent, fresh from his hugely popular stint flying helicopters for our viewing pleasure, takes on his most challenging role yet. Soldier Boy is the emotionally-charged tale of a courageous young private with a serious case of the sads. On leave for a few days, his heart is shat upon and shattered when his girlfriend (played by the beautiful Lea Thompson) confesses that she is smitten with an inamorato of a different feather. But all's well in the end when our hero, stationed in the Antarctic, finds a chance for acceptance and happiness with his own web-footed friends.


Steve said...

you had to remind of howard the duck dintcha?

beth said...

Steve, take it up with George Lucas. He was the executive producer. Can you believe that? said...

Kind of makes me want to do the dance! (:

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