Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's just a jump to the left...

There's an image so frightening here that shakes me to the core and turns my insides into pudding just thinking about it. No, it's not the thought of traveling through time and meeting one's older, cross-dressing self as this young man has done. That would be awesome. Look above that. See the girl falling through space? Egads! I can't think of anything more spectacularly frightening than to be precariously perched, not being 
able to hang on, to lose one's slippery                                 hold .......... and then drop. 

Why yes, I am hyperventilating at the moment. So on a lighter note (and in keeping with the fun cross-dressing timewarpin' stuff) for all my friends who spent many a midnight at Uniondale's minicinema back in the day...Let's do the time warp again!


Laura R said...

*sigh*...ah, the Mini Cinema, where I was truly corrupted as a youth! the memories! the movies!

glad to have you back, Beth!

captcha: martur
when you take da blame even if sumbody else dud it.

dcmicrowave! said...

:) i enjoy your blog quite a bit. thanks!

beth said...

Thanks, Micro!

Laura - Great link for the mini cinema! I've been reading all the comments with a wistful tear in my eye. Remember Eraserhead? And the cine-dog with his bandana? Rocky on Fridays and the Dead on Saturday. The Woodstock movie and the Jimi Hendrix Experience! The Man Who Fell to Earth! A Clockwork Orange...I could go on and on...truly another time and place that Long Island will never see again *sniffle*

Adorabibble said...

I remember rocky and the time warp.
I saw the man who fell to earth. Bowie naked and I cried at the end. I was 11, saw clock work orange on cable.
Mother took us any ways, to Can I do it till I need glasses. the theater people were so offended that 8,9 10 year olds were seeing it, it was rated X.
I had a blast.
mother was good for very few things.
hope that made sense.

beth said...

Bib - I hear ya when you say you had a blast. I feel lucky that I got to see a lot of age-inappropriate stuff as a youngster. I never saw "Can I do it..." but my mom took me to see O! Calcutta off-Broadway when I was 12. Very similar show - lots of skits, sex and nudity. I was a bit horrified to see Bill Macy (Maude's husband Walter) naked, haha!