Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh, my aching head!

Oh, God, no... not again. Not another migraine. Ugh, I can feel it coming on, feel those demons cavorting on my cranium. But that doesn't really describe the agonizing ache - feels more like pins pushing through my pineal gland or...or...(fuck, this hurts) thorns thrusting through my thalamus. Or serpents slithering through my cerebellum.  Oh, sweet bejeebus, make it stop! It feels like ballerinas pirouetting en pointe and executing perfect arabesques on my parietal lobe. Yes, that's what it is! Tiny dancers dashing my desire to live. I... need... relief!

Note to my readers: If you go here, I promise your head will stop hurting from all those nasty links :)


Steve said...

that girl needs a really good comb!

Lidian said...

Does Advil work on this sort of thing? It looks painful!

beth said...

Steve - I know, those dancers are like lice!

Lidian - Yes, the pain must be excruciating! For quick relief, I recommend Anacin.

Laura R said...

Head On, apply directly to the forehead!

Today's captcha: lation--what you apply to your head (after head-on) to get rid of the stink of those ballerina's slippers.

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