Thursday, September 11, 2008

This or That

There can only be two explanations to account for this disturbing scene.

Scenario #1. Some bullies overhear Nerdboy saying he has a girlfriend (this is a fib). They threaten him with the wedgie of all wedgies unless he comes to the dance on Friday with his "girlfriend." Because Nerdboy is super smart, he builds himself a Robogirl. He thought she would look like this, but instead he ends up with a scrawny, oddly dressed beanie-wearing 7th grader. But time's a wasting and he'll just have to make do. As he's getting ready to go, Robogirl's systems crash and she slams her synthetic head into the home-made monitor. The electromagnetism causes a lightning storm as Nerdboy looks on in horror.

Scenario #2. Nerdboy has a sister he really, really hates. Hates everything about her, from the top of her beanie to the soles of her Doc Martin's. She's always snooping around, too - like today, Nerdboy caught her messing with his papers. He's got a system, dammit, and now she's gone and messed it all up! Nerdboy thinks horrible thoughts about her - how he'd like to smash her skull open, but before he can tell her to get the heck out, BLAM, an invisible force propels her headfirst into the monitor and she DIES! Nerdboy realizes that he has an incredible power......and he can't wait to use it, bwahaha!

Really, what else could Blossom Culp's dreadful future possibly be about?

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