Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have no idea what the frikkity frak this is all about! The images are so random. Perhaps if I take a peek inside I'll get a better understanding....
...."Pretty Cindy Lou Hensley is torn between the hot rocker in town and the soldier that got all those medals in 'Nam. One night she dreams of a Native American dude with lasers coming out of his cheeks who speaks thusly, 'Girl of sky eyes and hair of wheat, forget these losers. When the beets in the field have grown and the sheep in the meadow approach, you will meet a mysterious man of many skills. With you at his side, he will bring hope and the promise of change to our dying land.'  
Does the prophecy come true?  You betcha!


Laura R said...

I thought it was a parsnip in the field, but what do I know! Ow, what keeps hitting me in the head? Oh, right, it's those floating Army decorations. Say, Chief, I'm getting a little tired of wearing contact lenses, can you turn your cheeck this way and see if we can aim it at my cornea? Thanks. I love what you guys did with the casino, by the way.

Ok, admittedly lame, but I'm tired. It's been a long week.

beth said...

hahahahaha! Very funny mizz r. i need a new lasik tweak. and yes, it has been a long week! How many days until summer? Or at least Yom Kipper?