Thursday, December 4, 2008

Been Smug Forever

Ignore the smug douchebag there and take in the cornucopia of technology he's amassed. That sexy 
uber genius tacked up on the wall is no doubt impressed. Is that a Betamax? And a Commodore PET? I bet it's fully loaded with all the latest DOS apps. I particularly like those giant super-cushy headphones. Makes me want to put them on and sing Girl. Speaking of which, do you see what the lovely long-haired girl (clearly not impressed with any of it) is wearing? Look closely. Slouch Socks! I miss slouch socks. The only time you see them anymore is during tick season.  

What do you suppose the "Save" poster is all about? My guess... Save the Slouch Socks!


Robot Nine said...

Funny. And I love his unnatural posing and the way her head floats above the black abyss of her top.

Laura R said...

Again, the artist is another perspective-rule violator.
And doesn't that girl realize? One swift shove of his glistening tennis shoes and that boy will be flat on his butt...THEN we'll see who's so SMUG!

Today's captcha phrase: taters! They go with just about everything!