Sunday, December 14, 2008


Before you see what I see, let me tell you what happened last night. I was wearing my supercool burgundy velour ensemble while Jazzercising when my annoying lab partner/next door neighbor (and major asswipe) Ian, showed up and said, "Turn that record off and come outside. I gotta show you something!" So he took me over to the old Herman homestead, "What's the BFD?" I asked. Now, you gotta realize something. Mr. Herman is a bit odd - immature I'd guess you'd say. He doesn't drive a car and he wears funny clothes. But leave the crazy dude alone. Ian is always spying on him and shit, so I was pretty irritated to be included. Ian makes us crouch down all spylike and he starts pointing (I've got to add here that he was wearing that super lame faux sheepskin jacket that he loves so much he might as well just marry it and those ugly Nikes...gawd, I hate them! Chuck's are the shizz, yo!) and he says, "Do you see what I see?" "Well duh," I says, "of course I see it. Can't a poor guy dance? I'm outta here!"


Robot Nine said...

Ian you freakin' idiot! That's hilarious. It reminds me of a story. When I was a kid there was a strange guy in town, dark curly hair, scraggly beard, limped, no car. All the kids said he kidnapped and molested children. So of course me and my brother sneaked to his house to peer through his windows. As your girl would say, "WTF". We thought we heard him shuffling in the house and ran. On the road home every time we heard a car we would jump into the woods across the ditch- not thinking that if he has no car how would he chase us in one! On one fateful leap I landed on a broken soda bottle and cut my right hand to the bone. Ouch. Mom held me on the way to the hospital as I soaked a couple of bath towels in blood, and it too about 25! stiches, I still have a huge and distinct scar on my right thumb pad on my palm today. So, careful Ian.
By the way, you have been at school too long, you have the talk dead on.

beth said...

I think everyone grew up with a Boo Radley in their nabe, but how cool to have Pee Wee live next door!
uh, R9, that's the way I talk for realz ;)

Laura R said...

"swoosh" is a tag?! girl, you crazay!

Captcha du jour: micau

think of your own wacky-pack definition, I need to go to bed! :)