Thursday, December 11, 2008

Half-baked Half-gods

When half-gods go....where?

What kind of highfalutin mishmosh is this? 

Translated from the German raises a red flag right there. A title taken from the last stanza of a DWP's* famous work gives me pause - I don't know if my meager intellect can handle it. Then we've got this bizarre assemblage of surreal parts to ponder. Is that a Ford Pinto!? And what is this love affair that illustrators have with dead-eyed creepy kids? For the love of a half-god...Stop staring into my soul!

*Dead White Poet


Robot Nine said...

Hilarious. I love the photo illustrating 'potty', I snagged that online and used it for my part-time business in another life and time. See, I owned a pooper-scooper business. Funny post, I have e-mailed some friends, hope they check you out. And listed a new blog, Intimidating Uncle, pretty funny, a quick dose too. If you like Ann Coulter, stay away from the Think Tank! LOL! Alan

Laura R said...

Ah, we cherished our Pintos back in the day, didn't we, Beth? And we never lost an eye (or our irises) in them, in spite of their faulty design. I wonder which of your predecessors is responsile for ordering these wretched books; but, for the sake of this brilliant blog, I'm damn glad she* did!
(*can't imagine it could have been a guy, but you never know).

Today's captcha phrase? Undwe: a traditional style of underwear from Kenya.

beth said...

Your Pinto was your first car, right? Remember what mine was before my Pinto? My mother's orange AMC Hornet station wagon with embarrassing bumber stickers! btw, my predecessor at the Cope was a very distinguished, old black gentleman (think Sidney Poitier) who, I was told, would not let any kids enter the library until he was done reading the NY Times. His name was Grover - I would've loved to have met him.

Karma's gonna bite Ann Coulter on her horsey ass one of these days. Oh yeah, it did on November 4, haha!

Hey you guys,
I got a major award! And it's not fra-geeee-lay!

Laura R said...

Congrats on the Think Tank! Ima go post that on Twitter! W00t!