Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Academy Award goes to...

Sheesh, calm the heck down, people, it's just a movie! And a lame one at that. Yeah, I've heard all the buzz about how brave the actor was for taking on such a challenging role. How his character suffers great physical pain - it's old age, dude, get used to it! I can even understand how alarming his appearance may seem to some. Granny and little bro look like they've never seen an ugly mug before. But I'll be damned if he gets to bring home a little gold statue tomorrow night for that boring shit!  

Academy, don't let me down. You know who really deserves it! 


Adorabibble said...

hey!, too funny! I love Toni Basil!
glad ya are back, I hope your vacation went well.
love and fishes

beth said...

Bib! Hi! Yeah, Toni rocks (and so does her rad 80's attire) That was the perfect song to honor Mickey Rourke. Check out The Wrestler if it comes to your little town in that big arctic state of yours. Mickey is just heartbreaking in it. I LOATHED Benjamin Button and never liked Brad Pitt and wanted to somehow express that in a post, haha!
love and knishes with the fishes to you too :)

Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Good blog.

Alan said...

Beth - Wow that Toni Basil was so serious, I forgot how serious a singer might take a song like 'Hey Mickey'. Remember how serious the guy was singing that 'Sunglasses at Night' song. Jeez, listen to it sometimes, he is like so power lunging it.


beth said...

Hi Portugal!

OMG Corey Hart! I remember that sunglass song! Everyone was so serious in the 80's! Singers were either walking like egyptians or whippin it good, haha!!