Sunday, February 8, 2009

Going Down the Road (feeling confused)

Something about this image is jogging my memory. I've never read this particular book, yet I'm certain I've read something that describes this illustration perfectly! Excuse me while I sift through some musty boxes of tomes in the basement. Yes, here it is! Right on page 315 of the 1968 edition of the Official Handbook of the Boy Scouts of America:

When road-tripping in a hippie van, your troop may come across an old camp in the woods, the cabins of which may show signs of recent meteorite damage. Occupying such a place, you may encounter the likes of old Stella Blueshoes and her crazy hunchbacked son, ruthless members of a mostly female North Woods crime syndicate called the Sharkes. Your only defense is to have a statue of Anubis propped on the front seat of the van. 

I was curious about this strange warning, particularly the odd instruction concerning Anubis, an Egyptian God of the Dead. None of this can be found in any other scouting handbook, both in previous and subsequent years.  On further inspection, I found a name in the editorial masthead in the 1968 edition which sheds some light, albeit from a lava lamp, on this mystery.


Adorabibble said...

I just realized that i could click on the highlighted words. Oh MY...
As if your cover descriptions aren't enough!
This is why I follow your blog. just to good to be true, now I have to go back and reread everyone.

beth said...

OMG Bib! You're the second person to say that! I'm glad you liked my posts anyway - and thanks for your kind words. Happy clicking!

Alan said...

Hmmm, maybe they SHOULD be the bright blue color? Maybe that is why it took a while to get some folks on board? We're always learning here. But it's kind of funny because the links make the reviews, the extra sauce on top.

And Adorabibble is an excellent reader and commenter, always something interesting to put in the mix.

So my question is how do you determins the cabin experienced "meteorite damage"? Of all the possible damages that would be just n front of Sasquatch vandalism on my list.


Alan said...

By the way, I swear I think I heard the Anubis statue mutter "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" when I clicked on it.

Alan said...

Hey, that's a freaking awesome Robot Nine tag in the sidebar. LUCKY!


pidomon said...

being an ex boy scout I always keep a spare Anubis statue in the trunk of the car just in case

beth said...

Sasquatch! Nah, the squatchman would've been too terrified by Stella Blueshoes.
Pidomon - The protective spell of Anubis only works if he's sitting shotgun.