Sunday, February 1, 2009

Photography 101

I love this book cover! Finally, a title font that complements the illustration. And the placement of the author's name (who, by the way, is still a prolific YA novelist) is perfect. But enough of that, I want to jump aboard the Crystal love train - she is pure pop 80's perfection! From her hoop earrings to her neon pink tunic; from her knock off Chanel belt to her shiny 
leggings, her hotness is melting the polar ice caps! This girl's got it on, especially while gracing the paps with a pose as she's leaving her steel-clad fortress of fashion. The world will know who she is. She's ready for .........! 
Uh-oh. I got so blinded by Crystal, that I missed something that's a bit off, something of a "Persian flaw" the artist tossed into an otherwise perfect composition. Do you see it? Look carefully. Girl is gonna be pissed when she turns to tomorrow's "Seen About Town" column of the paper and lays her Cover Girl eyes on this!

Seriously, the angle and distance of that camera lens is so off. Arghhh!


Adorabibble said...

HA, Beth too much fun.
it has been a funny day.
Keep up the great stuff!

Alan said...

What did I miss? I',m a putz. The railing looks like a kinife jutting out of her side. Is there more? HELP!


beth said...

Alan, I'll splain - the angle of the camera combined with the distance of the subject would produce a photo that couldn't possibly capture all of Crystal's loveliness. Unless it was a fisheye lens, I s'pose.