Monday, February 9, 2009

A couple of readers told me that they didn't realize my posts contain links within the text. For anyone else who didn't realize that, just click on the highlighted underlined words and you'll be taken to another place and time!


Adorabibble said...

It makes the posts even better. I am just that oblivious, and not always comfortable with clicking thing.
I went back in to 2008 and had to stop, my sides hurt so bad.
It made all of those *really* cool reviews even better. So Just bear with my boneheadedness. The lengths You go to are appreciated! bib

Alan said...

Come on people, it's waht makes these freakin' book reviews so funny. That's hilarious. I used to out links on Robot Nine in a slightly darker grey than the text, aiming for the minimalist look. So minimal the same thing happened, lol. Now I defer to convention and use bright blue, though any obviious color will do!

Bath, you aced the exam, so did one other person. Please pick out a second book. It's not too much more to send two than one. I want to award a second to the other person also as the wanswers were perfect.

I guess it was too easy. It's so hard to tell on this end.


beth said...

Yay! You sorta dared me there, Alan, so I couldn't resist, haha! But I'm glad I did - I got to see all the cool posts I had missed. Thanks, I'll check out the book room.

Bib, Aw, shucks - you're too nice!