Friday, July 18, 2008

Control yourself!

Cool glasses!! Seriously. I had these pink-tinted monstrosities back in the 7th grade - great peripheral vision, unlike the trendy little specs everyone wears today.  Who is this girl shying away from? Her optometrist? Her hair-stylist? Girl, lose the long scraggles and get some feathered wings put in there. Become acquainted with a curling iron, for godsakes. But keep the glasses. And stop looking so scared all the time. What's that you say? You're being sexually harassed? Right. Of course you are. I forgot this was a YA novel for a moment. Hey, at least your sister isn't dead. Yet.

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Laura R said...

She's shielding her eyes from the shower of broken glass caused by her insanely jealous ex-lead guitarist pushing her hand through a sliding glass door. (feel free to delete this comment if I've gone a little too far. It's late.)