Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chase Scene!

What do you see here? Two girls with stylish short feather cuts. The girl on the left looks slightly alarmed. You would too if there were giant orange hands and a big freaky face behind you. And what's with the old-fashioned car? Will the "chase scene" take place in it?

Soooooo...after reading the inside blurb, I am sorely disappointed to find out that these are two boys. And freaky face behind them is an escapee from an insane asylum who kidnaps them and forces them to drive him to NYC. Oh yeah, it also says this is a "lighthearted story...taking the reader along on a highly original spree."  Wheeeeee!!


Laura R said...

that cover officially scared the CRAP out of me. The author must have been "playsted" when he wrote it. ;-)

Carolyn said...

The one on the right looks just like Linda Hunt. That in and of itself is a bit creepy. Add a big orange hand behind it and you've got yourself one heck of a horror story!

Pauline said...

For some reason the guy at the background looks a bit like Roger Daultrey from The Who... maybe they were going for a bit of Tommy in it? I could have sworn it was 2 chicks though, haa how wrong I was!
These are GOLD.