Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Dear Bill, 
Remember me? I'm that chick with the feathered hair and awesome Elton John t-shirt. Remember? We were just talking a minute ago by your brother's red Triumph. I mean, you're standing just 10 feet away from me, kinda like a groovy modern statue of David. Did you forget me already? Bill? Bill?? Remember? You gave me those ludes last night. Um, what happened after that? I kinda don't remember.


Laura R said...

I started reading this post and for a second, thought it was a diary entry from our high-school years; forgive me (smacking my head to jump-start remaining brain cells)...

If I want to be a YA author, but only have 2 names, do I just make up a third? Will it kill my career if I don't?

Jazzy Lemon said...

interesting description of the cover. haha
however i absolutely loved this book full of bittersweet stories.