Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Year of Perfecting "The Pose"

I know you've all been waiting for the book written by that luscious piece of man candy, Terry Kay. On first glimpse I was struck by the boy's jeans. Are they the same jeans worn by my crush? Notice the left hand gripping the back pocket - the same pose, is it not? On reading the synopsis, we're told that the novel is inspired by his hotness' own boyhood in Georgia. So it is him, in the sweet years of youth before his eyes went bad and he discovered the joys of blowdrying! Is the naked lightbulb a symbol of the brilliance yet to come? But more importantly, what would possess his mother to sew him a shirt made out of a tablecloth? Did she despise our young hero? Did she endlessly badger him about how that hole in the porch ain't gonna be fixing itself, young man?

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Laura R said...

I have no idea why there aren't more comments on your blog...other than the fact that maybe your readers are too busy rushing off to write their own YA novels due to a sudden eruption of inspiration and don't have time to leave silly comments and fill out that damn CAPTCHA gibberish. I could be wrong, though.