Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adventures in Advertising

To the CEO of American Tourister Luggage,
We are alarmed and outraged at your recent television commercial in which you thoughtlessly hawk your wares at the expense of a noble creature's dignity, one no less imprisoned! Where will it stop? Does anyone know?

Dear PETA,
Please accept our apology. We have seen the error of our ways and will strive to show more compassion in our advertising campaigns. As a result, we have decided to employ an angelic moppet who will sit cross-legged atop our latest model of fine luggage and test its strength and durability by regaling you with a popular ditty.
CEO of American Tourister

Dear Boss,
Please bring back the ape.
American Tourister Model Suitcase #523


Adorabibble said...

I loved this one.
and as to you comment on my blog of the watchmen, yes I have the 3 book hard cover set of the lost girls(it was $140.00 new J. gave it to me for valentines day last year) and they are strangely compelling. and very well written as what happens to Wendy, Alice and Dorothy, all grown up. especially how Alice's mirror fits in.
he has done so much great stuff, if you ever get to read Maxwell the Magic Cat he wrote it as Jill Deray and it was a weekly 3 box comic for a British newspaper.(there are three big books of it)
he stopped writing due to the papers stance on homosexuality. But Maxwell, Dudley and Sherman? make the funniest comments on British everything including politics, nothing was safe. see
I only had 1-3 of big numbers but it was fabulous.(In just couldn't get any more, they weren't availble) marvelman/mircleman was great especially the first off-spring, baby
Winter. that was great. just so much of his work is just beyond most others. then they turn it into a movie and just screw it up so badly. I just really want to see the glass clock spaceship on mars where Laurie an Jon have the fight that he already knew about her relationship with Dan, but is still shocked.
I will just have to see. I want to see it on the big screen there is just too much in the book not to see it that way for the first time. every time I see the trailer I cry. I just hits me like that.
it is neat that your daughter can do that. for all of his work being comics, they really have something to say about our world government and people. he hits much closer than people like, I think. he maybe froot-toot-loopy, but me makes allot of sense, scary sense.
and your friend sounds really neat!
love and fishes bib

Adorabibble said...

maxwell, Stanley the long suffering human, and Dudley the dupe. I think that is right it has been 15 years.

beth said...

Thanks, Bib - I'm going to try to get a hold of Maxwell & the Magic Cat! I have to reread Watchmen before I see the movie, if I can get hold of a copy (it's always checked out!) I think I'll just buy my own copy this week and read it before the movie. Let me know what you think or do a post on the movie - I'd love to read your take on it.

Steve said...

shoot me a an email with your snail mail and i can hook you up with the graphic novel

Adorabibble said...

I will do a reviews of the Watchmen look for it Saturday! I'm going to take Nappy (Napoleon Dynamite) with me to see it, he arrived on Saturday.