Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Other Side of...WTF?!

Neve Campbell finds herself trapped in the bizarre world of a YA book cover where she is depicted as a pouty, windswept giantess roaming suburban backyards on a quest to protect sunbathing girls from harmful UV rays and the volatile boys in snug jeans who threaten them. I mean, what else am I to deduce from this cover? According to the blurb it's about a girl who lapses into a coma for four years (color me surprised) after her mother is murdered (I swear I'm not making this up) but does this cover in any way reflect that? ARGH! 

I do like the placement and font of the title. The boy's ass.....not so much.    


Steve said...

so the boy in the jeans killed the mom and the girl on the grass is a witness and Neve is all like "WEV I'm not in a coma anymore"

Thats what I get out of the cover (other than being scared sh*tless of a giant Neve Campbell thanks for putting that thought in my head)

beth said...

Haha! She looks hungry too!

Robot Nine said...

That 50 foot woman is so darn sexy! Alan

kay zee said...

ew Neve.