Wednesday, March 4, 2009


You're probably wondering why I'm sitting here looking all droopy dog depressed even though there's so much beauty in this sun-shiny world I'm sitting in. I have a fine fisherman's sweater, kickin' Fryes and cool Patti Smith eyes, so what's got me down? Well, duh, I'm in a YA novel. The storm clouds are approaching. Why don't you just open the book and read the inside blurb...

"Beth Corey hates living with her father, his new wife, and their baby, but after her mother's suici-" 

STOP! See what I mean? Toss me an umbrella, won't you?


Steve said...

tosses umbrella

Robot Nine said...


Funny again. I just posted about Steve Heller's art with a link to you. Thanks for the lead, cool stuff he does.


Laura R said...

Hey Beth! Sorry I haven't been in the blog 'hood, but so glad I came back in time to get the mal'occhio from this creepy gal!
We need to bring Fryes back, dude. Those boots were the shit.

captcha of the day: scantim.

an adjective to describe modern day mini-skirt? "Yo, that skirt is skantim, girl!"

beth said...

Mz R!!!! Welcome back! Sping Break is almost here, wooo!!

Nothin better than a beat up pair of Fryes. Wish I still had them.