Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take the A Train!

I admit that my brother Georgie is an odd little fellow, what with his X-ray eyes and his pop issues. No, not with our dad, dodo, with pop. As in art. Ever hear of it?
Nobody in this hick town has. Don't believe me? Here's a snapshot of my life as written by this chick Suzanne Newton:

"Neal's family harbors deep secrets. His rebellious older sister Aileen is in danger of not graduating high school. His little brother Georgie has his own engulfing fear [lasik surgery?] which even Neal can't fully understand. Neal finds a fulfilling outlet in jazz music, but even this haven is not safe from the scrutiny of a small Southern town."

Man, these crackers don't know nuthin - always asking me what jazz is. Jeez, if you've gotta ask, then you don't know, do ya? That's it, Georgie bro, we're on the next train outta here! 


Steve said...

I knew the minute I heard the sisters name Aileen this was set in the south.

as for Georgie are we sure he is not a young hans moleman ?

beth said...


john said...

I knew it would be Ray!