Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pay Attention, People!

The average teen would think this is about the romantic rivalry between two buff boys in teeny tiny swim shorts. Well, it's not. That's where my astute eye comes in to decipher this seemingly benign tableau. The shape of the megaphone may symbolize the romantic triangle laid out before us, but some oddities beg addressing. What are we to make of that phallic amulet around the cute boy's neck? I refuse to believe it's a whistle - an artist who can render such realistically snug fitting shorts, not to mention that mod yet modest two-toned one piece, could surely draw a simple, accurate whistle! Could this amulet be a symbol of his desire to play on the other side of the fence where the true object of his affection waits? Perhaps. He's clearly giving a coded gesture to the other hunkalicious hottie. Or is he? Take a good look at that hand. What is that thing? It's so distracting! But maybe that's the point! The artist has succeeded in distracting us by focusing on these figures who themselves are distracted. Two of them are presumably lifeguards, yet they show little interest in guarding lives. And we all know what happens the moment you take your eyes off the water!


Adorabibble said...

that ?whistle? is disturbing.

Laura R said...

the thing he's wresting his hand on is a poorly-drawn surfboard, from the same school of artistic ineptitude as the whistle.

Captcha of the day: "warge"

After clicking the link that brought me to the picture of the eggplant, I need to warge it from my brain--with bleach!!!

beth said...

Hi Mz R!
Sorry for the disturbing image, girls - hope you can warge it from memory, haha!