Monday, January 12, 2009

Ah, Wilderness

Lew and Ed had counted the days leading up to their weekend getaway on the Cahulawassee River. They needed a break from their stifling suburban lives, a chance to just be guys messing around in the wilderness - no girl drama, no homework, no mom telling them to eat with a fork. With the money they had tucked away from their paper routes they were able to rent the most awesome canoe ever - looked like the friggin' jawbone of a giant sea predator! They were having the time of their lives navigating the rapids, tracking wildlife and cooking on an open fire. That is until they heard the unmistakable strum of a banjo in the distance. Hope they brought a crossbow with them - they may need it.


Alan said...

Oh, ick, that is one uncomfortable scene in a movie for a guy to watch. I'm gonna go post the answers at Robot Nne now!

Alan said...

Aha, you won the picture puzzle contest this week even without the help of 100 teachers and the professorial staff of Harvard! Congrats, go to the Reading Room and choose a book if you wish! I linked to you, hope some folks head this way! Alan

beth said...

I'm thrilled! As suspected, everyone at school wanted to know the answers, but I was shocked to see I had gotten the most right! Thanks for the prize and thanks for saying nice stuff about my blog. I hope more people come this way before I run out of book covers!