Sunday, January 25, 2009

Exsqueeze me?

Poor Peggy Pressungkasten! She's trying desperately hard to envision herself playing a cello or a tenor sax or just about anything else with a higher coolness quotient than an accordion. She will not make eye contact with you. It would crush her. Instead, she'll gather up whatever inner strength she has left and look heavenward whilst constructing a fantasy of her musical savior The King, accompanying her in a polka duet. If only she could time travel forward to 2009, she would not feel so alone in her dorkitude. She would rule! 


Spin the Moon said...

Seriously? Elvis in the bottom corner? What is that all about? Even if it is hugely important to the plot, it looks like an afterthought.

What's more, they had to spell out most of his name so you could tell it was him! Ugh!

beth said...

Hiya, Spin! I like your blog - gonna bookmark it.

Adorabibble said...

-Too funny!
How do you find these. they are so great.
One I always liked was "where the red fern grows" I think that's it
A polka duet?
that sounds like a 50's fantasy of me and an early Elvis Costello, in a duet of "can't stand up for falling down" hmm...
must ponder that.

beth said...

Adorabibble - I got all these book covers when I weeded my high school library last spring. Our stacks were filling up and I had to get rid of old titles. The covers really made me laugh and brought me back to my own teen years of horrible fashion and bad youth literature, and so, a blog was born.
ps - Elvis C or Elvis P? It's Costello for me!

Adorabibble said...

Elvis Costello!
He is so hot.
besides I love his music.
definitely distracting. I don't know all of his music, but I love what I know (and all the words) he is fun to sing to. he just does the weirdest things. it has really helped my singing ability and range though!