Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Trails!

I'm going to give all of those sad YA covergirls a break and focus on their male counterparts during the next few posts. Although not as woeful, they have their problems too, mostly concerning sports, cars and ingenious ways to get sad, woeful girls into the backseats of cars. 
This is a really fine example of 1970's book jacket design. Overall it's pleasing to the eye and the font works, but I have to conclude that the illustrator:
1)  was a frequent consumer of hallucinogenic drugs (that's not camera shake - those are real trails there) 
2) was a frequent consumer of Mr. Kroc's popular burger emporium. How else to explain that hair!


Laura R said...

you didn't throw out your library's copy of that LSD book, did you? We wanted to borrow it.

Today's captcha: fustic
"The Old Fustic (Morus tinctoria) is a medium to large tree of the New World rainforests. It comes from India and Africa. It produces a yellow dye and is primarily known for providing the khaki dye for U.S. military apparel during WWI.

It is not to be confused with Young Fustic (Rhus cotinus) from southern Europe and Asia, which provides a more fugitive colour." (Wikipedia)

Alan said...

Wow, I missed this one. My hair looked just like that except it was fortunatley brown. Alan