Monday, January 19, 2009

A Failure to Communicate

Yes, it will be quite difficult to survive your life with a head that resembles something you'd use to scrape day-old pasta off a dinner plate. If only the young lady in question had been a better communicator. Her unfortunate predicament (which I'm sure will be tearfully transcribed in her precious diary) began with her love of a popular daytime soap opera. She told her hairstylist that she wanted to look exactly like the star. She should have been more specific, no?

Hey, get a looksee at the artist's signature - I knew I had seen his work before! 


Alan said...

Wow, a link in "Phoenix Rising" led to "Killing Freeze", where another link led to "Chasing Scene". I felt like I was locked in some Internet scheme to sell me a time share...
Funny post, as usual. Where are your followers? Do they just not sign up? Your wit deserves more readers, darn it!
By the way, I don't have your address and I have this sweet book on Paint By Numbers waiting to be sent to you. Send it to If you sent it I missed it.
Also, you CAN play the Picture Puzzle. It's up right now. We don't block people from playing just for being good.

Alan said...

Hi Beth. Charli at Broken Mannequin tagged me into a fun game where yu post the fourth pic of the fourth file. Oops, like a puta, I tagged you but now that I think about it your blog might not be right, after all it's book covers. Ah, dummy me. If you wanna play cool, if it doesnt fit I understand. Check out my answer at Laid Back Think Tank.

john said...

good one!

beth said...

Alan, you're no longer alone. Adorabibble has joined you! Welcome, Adorabibble!

Johnny boy, is that you?!!!

Adorabibble said...

Hey! I love the book covers and the attitude, thanks for the warm welcome! I look forward to seeing more. they just crack me up!