Thursday, January 22, 2009

Look Again

This is the most perfectly rendered chain link fence I have ever seen. The twists and turns of every link have been masterfully and lovingly painted to truly capture the form and function of this quotidian barrier. It's so damn beautiful, I feel compelled to write a lyric poem about it, or at least climb it! It's too bad all of the artist's anal retentive efforts went into it because when he got to the girl he FORGOT TO GIVE HER A HAND!! He gave her a stump. Poor girl. I know this dude she can get in touch with. He helped another tennis chick who had a lot more missing than a hand.


Katherine said...

I used to draw a lot when I was a kid. I was fairly good (for a kid) at rendering people, but my characters' hands always came out wonky and disproportionate, so I would draw something that would cover their hands, like mittens or scarves or (OH HEY!) a strategically-placed towel, mayhaps. I was going to suggest that the artist also had a similar HANDicap (see what I did there?), but anyone who can create a chain-link fence with such insane attention to detail shouldn't really have a problem drawing a simple hand or two.

Alan said...

Well, finally, people reading your funny wit! "Funny wit", does that make sense? Zobot... any site with Robot in the title has to be good!

Katherine should take an image of hands and turn it upside down to draw it. Focusing on the shapes, forms, lines, textures, it's easier than drawing HANDS! Wasier still, just leave them off.


beth said...

Hi Katherine!!!
Alan - that's a good tip. The best forgers do it that way - turn it upside down and focus on the lines, neg/pos space, etc.

beth said...

Welcome Zobot!!! I'm a vegan too! But a much cleaner hippie now :)