Sunday, January 4, 2009

Big Red

I'm the first to say that redheaded women are gorgeous creatures. Redheaded boys, eh, not so much. They're generally buffoons or just elfish and creepy, like the little guy here sporting the boxing gloves (I like how he's ready to give a quick jab to the author's name).  I'm curious about the wee action figure striking that manly pose in the background. Is it supposed to be a representation of the little boy's future self? If so... see what I mean about creepy male redheads.

Okay, I am SO sorry about that last image. I really am. It should only be used as a secret weapon in the war against terror or overdue library books. As an apology, you can cleanse your senses with one helluva great song about a redhead.


Alan said...
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Alan said...

Let me try this again...
That pic was unjust. Is that that, er, person, Carrot Top. As your kids at school would say, that is so gay!
I got a lame response from Lever 2000 about their mysterious body parts. Check it out at OomBa Mail