Saturday, January 3, 2009

You Go, Girl!

This was a night to remember - history in the making! In a classic battle of the sexes, Brynwood Prep was vying for the All County Championship Title against those badasses from St. Mary's School for Wayward Girls. Bud Jenkins wasn't gonna let some girl get in the way of his glory. Sure, the purple uniform was distracting. So was the perfectly feathered hair carrying with it a heady floral scent. No, what he hadn't counted on, didn't see coming until he went for the dunk in the last second of play, was the freakishly long right arms these mutant chicks possessed!

Happy 2009! 
(Image found especially for the Alfieri's!)


Alan said...

Brilliant. I so wanted a Stretch Armstron as a kid. Maybe still. One Christmas my Uncle gave me a lot of hints about a present. EventuallyI fugured out he was going to give me a model Goodyear blimp that you could program with words on the side. I was so excited. Christmas morn, it was something else, something lame, and he just quipped that they were out of what he wanted to get. I may just go post about that on Laid Back Think Tank. Alan

Laura R said...

"OMG! Billy! We're at the PALACE!"
"I know, Liza, I know..."